CSi Groep overgenomen door itsme

Op 18 mei 2018 hebben de aandeelhouders van de CSi Groep hun aandelen verkocht aan itsme Group of Companies.

Sinds 2013 waren de aandelen in het bezit van het CSi management en een investeringsgroep onder beheer van Standard Investment. Vanaf 2013 werd duidelijk gekozen voor een groeistrategie. In de afgelopen jaren realiseerde het bedrijf dubbele groeicijfers per jaar. CSi werd wereldwijd marktleider in zowel de verpakkingsmaterialen industrie als in de FMCG palletiseermarkt. Nieuwe verkoop-, service- en assemblage-entiteiten werden opgestart in China, de VS, Roemenië en Mexico. itsme zal CSi ondersteunen in de verdere ontwikkeling van haar sterke marktpositie en productaanbod. Tussen beide bedrijven zijn duidelijke synergieën op het gebied van globalisering, engineering en supply chain management
Zowel het management als de aandeelhouders zijn ervan overtuigd dat deze stap de prestaties van CSi verder zal verbeteren. De samenwerking met alle zakenpartners blijft solide en gebaseerd op wederzijds respect, zodat optimale voordelen voor iedereen worden bereikt.

About CSi
CSi Group serves two distinct markets: FMCG Palletising and the Packaging materials industry. CSi palletising is a global leader in product handling at the end of production and packaging lines. CSi packaging is technology leader in post-press automation and is capable of automating every handling step in the manufacturing process of solid board packaging materials.
CSi provides a complete package from initial consultancy and design to production, assembly, installation and commissioning. Furthermore, CSi provides all the relevant services required throughout the life cycle of the installation. CSi maintains a strong market position around the world with a spread of customers including manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG/CPG), distributors and the packaging industry. CSi has built this position on the basis of the reliability of its products and services, standardized but with a strong ability to design bespoke solutions. The success of the company is based on its innovation, expertise, passion and total commitment to customer satisfaction.

About itsme
itsme group of companies combines distribution of electrical/mechanical components and systems to engineering-, machine building- and manufacturing-companies via itsme (industrial wholesale and logistics) with its own engineering and machine building activities in Gastreatment Services. CSi Group will be added to these activities.
itsme (industrial technology and supply for mechanical and electrical) provides industrial and manufacturing companies with technical and logistical services that gives them a competitive advantage. itsme differentiates itself in the market by advising customers on technical innovation and smart process optimisation. itsme is specialised in mechanical drive technology and electrical control systems. The company, headquartered in the Netherlands has an annual turnover of approximately 225 million euros and 550 employees in Belgium, Germany, Romania, the Netherlands and Spain.

Gastreatment Services
(GtS) is an engineering firm engaged in gas treatment in the broadest sense of the word. GtS specializes in the design and realization of gas treatment systems for biogas, landfill gas and digester gas as well as geothermal projects. GtS has developed unique purification systems for the treatment of landfill gas, digester gas and biogas. Using our own, worldwide patented, utilization and purification methods, GtS provides a wider scope for low-calorific gas. The added value of the purification process is essential in this respect, e.g. for reusing residual heat, recovering CO2 and upgrading biogas to natural gas quality. GtS has long term specialized experience in the field of the natural gas and biogas processing and utilization. This enables us to design, build and put into operation both standard and complex, custom-made installations.


About Standard Investment
Standard Investment is a Dutch Private Equity firm, focused on medium-sized enterprises (€20-200 mln revenues) in the Benelux. Standard Investment prides itself in taking a true hands-on approach towards its portfolio companies and closely supports management teams in successfully surmounting strategic, commercial and/or operational challenges. Standard Investment has a particular expertise in turn-around, carve-out and buy&build situations. End of 2017 Standard Investment took over the management of 2 investment funds from another Dutch PE firm (Varova Investments), as a result of which Standard Investment took over responsibility for the investment in CSi. In total, Standard Investment now manages 18 companies, with combined revenues of over €1 bln.

Bron: Mieke van der Vleuten
Management Assistant
CSi Group